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 Blazing Mind


What if there is more than what you’ve experienced? WAY more. An incredible amount more.


What if there is way more than the feeling you’re living for in this moment. Way more than that feeling you get when your favorite pizza is delivered to  your house — waaaay more than the excitement you get when your fantasy football team wins ——- a feeling far greater than what you get from feeling drunk —- an experience far more electric than what you feel when you buy a brand new ‘thing’.


Obviously, everyone knows there are greater experiences than that. We know what we felt when we got married, had our first child, were reunited with a loved one, etc etc etc. But I’m not talking one time momentary experiences.


I’m talking long lasting life experiences that bring far greater satisfaction than ‘living for the weekend’. A far more fulfilling and deep life than the greatest excitement of your last week being watching your favorite sports team win. A far more enriching and rewarding existence than the thrill you feel when the newest iPhone is released or you got 200+ ‘likes’ on Facebook. A life so full that you don’t care whether it’s Tuesday afternoon or Friday night.


What if you were meant for greatness.


What if you were meant for greatness and then somewhere along the way you started to settle. What if you were meant for such a splendid existence, and you cheated yourself by taking the easy momentary happiness over the difficult long lasting happiness. What if this life you have is ‘decent’ or ‘good enough’ (or maybe your life is terrible and awful) — but you were meant for a life that is extraordinary. What if Abraham Lincoln had settled for being a lawyer. Or Martin Luther King Jr a Reverend or Oprah a news anchor or Steve Irwin a zoo keeper. What if the you you are has settled for less than what you were supposed to be.


Fill in the blank: “If you ask a kindergartner what they want to be when they grow up they will give you a ____________________________ answer”


Most people will say ridiculous. Or crazy. Or unrealistic.


But what if the youngest version of ourselves. The most untainted and unprogrammed version. The most REAL version of ourselves knew BEST what we were supposed to be.

What if when you were a kid you had those HUGE dreams, because you were MEANT to experience those dreams.
But enough people told you those dreams were ridiculous. You were told those dreams of being an astronaut, or an actress, or a professional football player were unrealistic (even though there ARE astronauts and actresses and professional football players) – so you gave up on them and started settling for the momentary happiness of conquering video games or eating pop tarts. And that watered down child version of you grew into a watered down adult version of you who gets momentary happiness out of drinking wine and scrolling through facebook – during the times that you aren’t chained to your cubicle.


And now that adult version of you feels exhausted, or worn out, or unsatisfied most of the time. Out of place.


Exhausted, worn out, and unsatisfied because you aren’t living the beautiful existence you were meant to live before you quit listening to your realest self at age 9 when enough people had told you not to.


What if you were meant to live a life where the best part of your last week was when you gave a million dollars to a charity that means a lot to you – rather than the best part of your last week being when you won $20 on a scratch off ticket. What IF the best part of your last week was supposed to be when a mother walked up to you and told you how much you changed her child’s life – rather than the best part of your last week being when you received an ‘Atta boy’ from your boss —- a fat, sweaty, lazy man you have no respect or admiration for. What if you were meant to be living a life where you were photographing wildlife, teaching kindergartners, acting on broadway, baking in Chicago, raising animals, designing buildings, commentating sporting events, fighting fires, playing the guitar in front of millions, nursing sick people, bar tending in Costa Rica, or fill in the blank. What if you were meant for more and you ruined it by settling.


And here is the big question. The huge question:


Can you get back to the life you were meant to have?

IF it is the case that you were meant for more – you were meant for a greater existence than what you are going through right now – you were meant for a more meaningful purpose than college, job, family, die –

IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET BACK TO YOUR HUGE AND MEANINGFUL CALLING? And the answer is simple. Yes. You can get back to your truest self – you can still live the life you were designed to live.


Next big question:




Answer: By creating a new mind. And the way you create a new mind is by kicking away your old habits. Get rid of the best part of your morning being the monster or the coffee you start your day with. Get rid of the best part of your day being lunch. Get rid of the best part of your evening being settling in and watching your favorite tv show. You were meant for far greater than coffee, a Big Mac, and the ‘The Voice’ being the defining moments of your day. FAR GREATER.


So cut yourself off from those things. Drink water on the way to work. Spend your lunch calling a loved one and ask how they’re doing. And make the best part of your evening being reading a book or learning a new trade or skill. Cut yourself off from the comfort.


It will be hard at first. But if you do it long enough the real you will come back. The 5 year old you that was destined to be a firefighter or a ballerina. The 5 year old you that never had coffee, a Big Mac, or ‘The Voice’ — but experienced far greater levels of contentment and joy than the grown version of you.


Cut yourself off from those daily habits and you’ll create a new mind. You’ll create a vacuum.


And that mind will get refilled with the things you were meant to be. The greatness you were meant to experience. Whether that greatness is being a teacher or a millionaire or a welder or a librarian or an author or whatever. Get back to the real you.

Replace the beer, entertainment, stomach worshipping, temporary shiny light feeling with NOTHING. Rawness. And the life you were meant to live will find you.